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Athens Woman's Club 

Athens, Georgia 






YEAR BOOK, 1915 

Athens Woman's Club 

Athens, Georgia 

The Annual Meeting of the Athens Woman's Club 
was held on the fourth Monday in January, 1915, 
at the residence of Mrs. J. Z. Hoke. 

Election of officers resulted as follows : 
President — Mrs. J. Z. Hoke. 
First Vice-President — Mrs. J. Y. Carithers. 
Second Vice-President — Mrs. A. S. Parker. 
Treasurer — Mrs. W. D. Beacham. 
Corresponding Secretary — Mrs. Charles A. Whittle. 
Eecording Secretary — Mrs. Cobb Lampkin. 
Parliamentarian — Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb. 
The chairmen of the various departments were 
appointed as follows: 

Educational Department — Mrs. T. P. Green. 
Social Department — Mrs. Chas. A. Whittle. 
Art Department — Miss Annie May Holliday. 
Infirmary Department — .Mrs. Willis Bocock. 

The Street Railway and Electric Company ext< aided 
an invitation to the Club to use a beautifully fitted 
hall in the electric building, as a dub room, and also 
for any uses thai the Club mighl wish. This mosl 
gracious invitation was cordially accepted, ."111(1 the 
Secretary was asked to express our appreciation for 


Civic Department 

The First Vice-President, Mrs. J. Y. Carithers, as 
Chairman of the Civics Committee, held office in 1915 
until the work begun in her Department during 1914 
was completed, which consisted in handsomely and 
comfortably furnishing a ladies' rest room, and in 
addition to $90.00 spent by the Civic Department, 
Mrs. Carithers loaned the room, through the depart- 
ment, a handsome leather mission suit of furniture, 
and after completing this work Mrs. Carithers asked 
to be relieved, and Mrs. J. S. Stewart was appointed 
to fill the unexpired term. Mrs. Stewart worked in 
conjunction witli the city government for a cleaner, 
better town and the results were most beneficial. 

Home Economics Department 

Mrs. A. S. Parker was elected Second Vice-Presi- 
dent, but could not accept. Miss Kathleen O'Farrell 
was elected and made chairman of the department of 
Home Economics. In the spring this department had 
Miss Annie Burroughs, National Chairman of Home 
Economics, to visit Athens and give two demonstra- 
tions and two lectures which were most helpful. 

Art Department 

Miss Annie May Holliday, Chairman Art Depart- 
ment, secured a most comprehensive exhibition of 
American pottery which was very much enjoyed b}^ 
the various schools of the city as well as by the club 



Mrs. Willis Bocock, as chairman of the Crawford 
Long Infirmary fund for the University of Georgia, 
and Mrs. Sarah Cobb Baxter, who undertook the hard 
task of collecting pledges five years old, collected be- 
tween January and March over $500.00, making the 
total amount contributed by the Athens Woman's 
Club to the Crawford Long Infirmary of the Univer- 
sity of Georgia $2,195. 

The following letter is an expression from the fac- 
ulty of the University concerning the contribution : 

Athens, Ga., March 15, 1915. 
Mrs. J. Z. Hoke, President, 

Athens, Ga. 
Dear Mrs. Hoke: — The faculty of the University 
of Georgia desires to express to the Athens Woman's 
Club its appreciation of the assistance given towards 
the building of the Crawford W. Long Infirmary. The 
faculty recognizes that it was through the help of 
the ladies that the Infirmary was made possible. In 
thus protecting the health of the students of the Uni- 
versity, you have rendered a great service to the state. 
Very truly yours, 

E. L. Griggs, 
E. E. Park, 


Officers Educational Department 
Chairman, Airs. T. P. Green. 
Secretary, Airs. II. K. Martin. 
Treasurer, Airs. J. S. Stewart. 
Treasurer, Kiln White School, Mrs. C. M. Snelling. 
Chairman Students' Aid Fund, Mrs. A. 0. Harper. 


This department arranged for the observance of 
Peace Day, May 18th, with appropriate prayer ser- 
vices at the large tent on the Y. M. C. A. lot; pro- 
grammes for the Ladies' Minstrels were furnished; 
good warm clothing was secured for five families. 

Report Educational Department 

January 1915 — January 1916. 


Amount in Bank Jan. 1915 $22.50 

From Wilmot Goodwin Recital 62.75 

From other sources 6.00 


Mothers' Meetings $36.00 

Loan Students' Aid 10.00 

Ella R White School 8.35 

Amount in Bank Jan. 1916 $37.34 

Interest .44 

Report Students' Aid 

January 1915 — January 1916. 

In hand Jan. 1916— 
Orr Scholarship $ 85.00 

Amount in Bank Jan. 1915 13.93 

Collected during year 55.00 

From Educational Department 10.00 


Gift Scholarships from Athens Bus. College— 60.00 


Amount loaned 4 girls 155.00 

Scholarships given 4 girls 60.00 

Amount in Bank Jan. 1916 8.93 

Total amount loaned 4 girls in four years, 

since January, 1912 $767.00 

Scholarships given 285.00 

Total business for four years $1052.00 

Of the original $500.00 half has been repaid and 

Financial Statement of Ella E. White School 

Amount in Bank Jan. 1915 $374.73 

Amount collected since 77.01 

From Educational Department 8.35 

Total $460.09 

Amount paid to Ella F. White School 425.00 

Amount in bank Jan. 1916 $35.09 

Social Department 

With all the work done the Club has taken time for 
a recognition of the social side of Life and Mrs. Chas. 
Whittle, social chairman, has had furnished most de- 
lightful refreshments a1 every meeting. 

Professor Orr has recently given a mosl delightful 
talk on architecture and interior decorations. 


A Minstrel show put on by Miss Hall under the 
auspices of the Club netted $88.00. 

Park Committee 

A permanent Park Committee, consisting of Mrs. 
S. V. Sanford, Chairman ; Mrs. Hamilton McWhorter, 
Mrs. E. M. Coleman, Mrs. Julius Talmadge, Miss 
Mary Wilkins, was appointed to look for and recom- 
mend desirable park sites that could be purchased 
before they became too valuable to be secured for 
such purposes. 

The Treasurer, Mrs. W. D. Beacham, has faithfully 
and efficiently discharged the duties of her office. 

The different departments have worked so smoothly 
that none seemed conscious of strain and yet the 
aggregate for the year 1915 should not cause the 
Athens Woman's Club to feel that they have worked 
in vain. 

List of 

Mrs. xllice Adams. 
Mrs. D. G. Anderson. 
Mrs. John T. Anderson. 
Mrs. G. C. Armstrong. 
Mrs. J. L. Arnold. 
Mrs. M. M. Arnold. 
Mrs. Florence Barlow, 
Mrs. S. C. Baxter. 
Mrs, W. D. Beacham. ' 
Miss Coates Benedict. 
Miss Harriet Benedict/ 


Mrs. W. H. Bocock. 
Mrs. G. G. Bond. 
Mrs. G. A. Booth. 
Mrs. Preston Brooks. 
Miss Mamie Bacon. 
Mrs. C. B. Campbell. 
Mrs. E. P. Canning. 
Mrs. W. A. Capps. 
Mrs. C. B. Chandler. 
Mrs. Ptalph Chandler 
Mrs. A. B. Cochran. 



/ i 

/ t 

Mrs. Aaron Cohen. 


T. G. Green. 

Miss Daisy Colbert. 


F. E. Griffeth. 

Mrs. Austin Comer. 


J. H. Griffeth. 

Mrs. Tom Comer. 


Lucy Griffith. 

Mrs. B. M. Coleman. 


Will Griffeth. 

Mrs. J. C. Cook. 


Paul Hadaway. 

Mrs E. H. Copley. 


A. C. Hancock. 

Mrs. C. H. Cox. 


R F. Hancock. 

Mrs. C. 0. Cox, 


J. W. Hart. 

Mrs. G. L. Crane. 


H. V. Head. 

Mrs. W. M. Crane. 


Claire Heidler. 

Mrs. E. A. Crawford. 


Harrison Heidler. 

Mrs. J. Y. Carithers. 

Miss Parna Hill. 

Mrs. C. B. Daniels. 


W. B. Hill. 

Mrs. John Darwin. 

Miss Lizzie Hinton. 

Mrs. G. B. Davis. 


C. N. Hodgson. 

Miss Mamie Davis. 


E. R. Hodgson. 

Mrs. W. H. Davis. 


E. R. Hodgson. Jr. 

Miss Susie Davison. 


Morton Hodgson. 

Mrs. A. M. Dobbs. 

Miss Roberta Hodgson. 

Mrs. 0. R. Dobbs. 


J. Z. Hoke. 

Mrs. J Dornblatt. 


Horace Holden. 

.Mrs. E. II. Dorsey. 


Kate Holliday. 

.Miss Mary Dozier. 

Annie May Holliday 

Mis. Dan DnPree. 


Percy Huggins. 

.Mrs. I). L. Earnest. 


Rosa Hull. 

Mrs. II. M Fullilove 


J. (\ Hutchens. 

Mrs. Louis Funkenstein. 


F. ML Hardeman. 

Mrs. 1;. R. Geiasler. 


(J. P. Hodgson. 

Mrs. W. (i. Gredig. 


A. L. Hirleman. 

r 1 

7 r 


Mrs. A. 0. Harper. 
.Mrs. C. C. Jarrell. 
Mrs. Carlton Jester. 
Mrs. Abe Joel. 
.Mrs. Walter Jones. 
Mrs. T. E. Jago. 
Mrs. Cobb Lanipkin. 
Miss Marion Lanipkin. 
.Mrs. C. II. Lanier. 
Miss Lucy Linton. 
Mrs. Frank Lipscomb. 
Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb. 
Miss Annie Linton. 
Mrs. J. W. Lynch. 
Mrs. M. G. Nicholson. 
Mrs. II. G. Mallory. 
Mrs. Ii. E. Martin. 
Mrs. Lucy Leah Mathis. 
Mrs. G. W. McDorman. 
Mrs. Hubbard McHatton. 
Mrs. J. C. McMahan. 
Mrs. Tom McMahan. 
Mrs. J. H. T. McPherson. 
Mrs. Max Michael. 
Mrs. Simon Michael. 
Mrs .Hamilton McWhorter. 
Miss Lillie Moss. 
Miss Sarah Moss. 
Mrs. Lee Morris. 
Mrs. Lizzie Mure. 

!> " 


Tom Nickerson. 
M. P. O'Callgban. 
Kathleen O'Farrell. 
Howard Odum. 
J. G. Paine. 
R. E. Park. 
A. S. Parker. 
Arthur Palmer. 
Annie Patman. 
R. Patterson. 
E. C. Payne. 
W. J. Peeples. 
Barrett Phinizy. 
Walter Pitner. 
J. M. Pound. 
Edna M. Randall. 
0. M. Roberts. 
H. J. Rowe. 
A. S. Rowland. 
J. M. Rogers. 
L. E. Rast. 
S. V. Sanford. 
W. H. Shelton. 
C. M. Strahan. 
W. M. Slaughter. 
S. S. Smith. 
Warren Smith, Jr. 
M. R. Snead. 
C M. Snelling. 
T. W. Spier. 





Miss Nellie Sprout. 
Mrs. T. P. Stanley. 
Mrs. Will Steadman. 
Mrs. Roy Strickland. 
Mrs Graves Stephenson 
Mrs. J. S. Stewart. 
Mrs. C. N. Sisk. 

Mrs. J. B. Vaughan. 
Mrs. Carl Yonder Lietli. 
Mrs. Deadwyler Vail. 
Mrs. J. P. Waldrup. 
Mrs. W. G. Waters. 
Mrs. W. A. Weatherlv. 
Mrs. Joe Webb. 
Mrs. Joel Wier. 

Mrs. Coke Talmadge. 

Mrs. J. E. Talmadge, Jr. Mrs. John B. Wier. 

Mrs. Julius Talmadge. Mrs. M. W. Welch. 

Mrs. Frances L. Taylor. 

Mrs. Geo. Thornton. 

Mrs. Rufe Thornton, 
Mrs. Van Straaten. 
Mrs. Fulton Varner. 

Mrs. Chas. A. Whittle? 
Miss Mary Lou, Wier. 
Mrs. Robert Wilson. 
Mrs. Julia Whitlock. 
Miss Elizabeth 'Young. 

Constitution and By-Laws 

Article I. 
This organization shall be known as "The Athens 
Woman's Club," mid its motto shall be "No1 for self, 
but for others." 

Article 1 1 . 

The object of the Club shall be to stimulate the in- 
tellectual developmenl of its members, and to widen 
their range of thought, investigation and usefulness; 
to work Tor better homos, better laws, and to promote 
education in nil its branches; to give aid to the town 
in every department of civics; to encourage econ- 
omv in the home bv tlm studv of Household Econonv 


ics, and beauty in the home and schools by the study 
and promotion of art. 

Article III. 

(1) The General Officers of the Club shall be a 
President, First and Second Vice-Presidents, a Re- 
cording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, and 
a Treasurer. 

(2) The General Officers with the Chairmen of the 
Departments, shall constitute the Executive Board, 
which shall make a full report at each of its meetings. 

(3) The duties of these officers shall be such as 
usually pertain to their respective offices. 

(•4) Five members of the Board shall constitute a 

(5) Meetings of the Board shall be subject to the 
call of the President. 

Article IV. 

The General Officers of the Club shall be nominated 
and elected at annual meetings in January. The 
Chairmen of Departments shall be appointed by the 
Executive Board. 

The First and Second Vice-Presidents must be 
Chairmen of Departments. In case of any vacancy 
the President shall appoint a member to serve the un- 
expired term. 

Article V. 

The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at 
any meeting by a majority vote, provided notice of 
such proposed amendment shall have been appended 
to the call of the meeting. Without such notice the 


Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any 
meeting by a unanimous vote. 

Article VI. 
The Club year shall run from January to January, 
the meetings always held on the fourth Monday in 
each month unless found necessary to change the date. 
The Treasurer shall send out bills for dues as early 
as possible in January. 

Article VII. 
Membership to this Club shall be unlimited. Any 
woman having an honest desire to help other women, 
shall be eligible. Her name must be proposed by one 
member, endorsed by two others, and voted on by 
the Club. 

Article VIII. 
The Athens Woman's Club shall secure a charter, 
L granting it the privilege of holding property rind the 

protection of the law. 
oo Article IX. 

O The General Treasurer shall collect and hold all 

^ funds belonging to the Club except moneys raised by 

o^ the different Departments for special work. 

q Each Department shall have its own Treasurer, 

oo elected by the members of thai Department. 


oo Article X. 

At the December meeting nominations from the 
floor shall be made for a Nominating Committee of 
three or five, who shall make the ticket for the officers 
For the following year, to be presented to the Club at 
the January meeting. 


Article XL 

Following the report of the Nominating Committee, 
nominations from the floor may be made and candi- 
dates elected by a majority of votes. "When found to 
be necessary, a secret ballot shall be taken. 

Article XII. 

The President shall have the right to call a meet- 
ing at any time for the transaction of business. In 
her absence the First or Second Vice-President, or 
Corresponding Secretary, in order named, shall be 
given the right to call a meeting provided such a meet- 
ing shall have been published twice in the daily papers 
previous to the meeting. Fifteen members are to con- 
stitute a quorum for the transaction of business. 


There shall be as many Departments of work as the 
Club shall see fit to undertake. Regular Departments 
shall be Civics, Education, Household Economics and 

Members may attend the meetings of any Depart- 
ment and may join in discussion of any measure 
brought forward, but may introduce motions and 
vote only in the Department in which they are en- 

The annual dues shall be $1.10 payable in advance, 
at each annual meeting. 

All meetings shall be conducted by the rules of 
parliamentary procedure. 







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